Unidos por Aruck

Aruck is a 1 year and 4 months old Border Collie.


He is mainly black and white, however, he has some brown brush-strokes, almost imperceptible, in his eyebrows and in the interior part of his back legs and tail. His hair is half length and his ears are always pointy.


He has got a microchip.

About Aruck

If anybody recognises Aruck or finds any information that could help, please, contact us.

We will be grateful.


Oscar: 0034 607 23 83 30   -   Macu: 0034 685 94 16 50


" And it is that look,

that company,

who teaches you how to separate

the shell,

from the lie.


Who guards you

so solely,

in your skin."


Who deserves coming back.

One is,

that which hurts.


What ties you to life,

and what sometimes rise you up,

and others,

hits you.


ARUCK is now

part of that wound,

of that eco with no voice;

of that tear with no cheek.


But it is still

that encounter which was that one;

which is this same one, divided.


One of those shreds of life,

of an adding with the taken,

that drags the waste of oneself,

and turns him into a person.


So it is real that one is,


what hurts.


And there are wounds,

that can only be cured

by the reencounter.


Oscar Murguía

(Colleague, and friend, of an united life

who somebody exhorted to separate)



*Translation by E.G.S

" One is,

what it is,


what his loneliness draw,

and what he tried to be.


And everything, or anyone

who gave you a voice,

or lessened your silences."


Aruck is one of them.

¿Dónde está Aruck? Buscamos a Aruck para que vuelva a casa. Desaparecido el 16 de diciembre de 2018. #unidosxaruck