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Dissapeared on December 16th 2018

Posible locations

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L'Olleria (Valencia)

Bonete (Castilla La Mancha)

Albacete y La Roda


Villaviciosa de Odón

Boadilla del Monte


Any time you find a dog, you should call the police or take it to the closest vet to find its family through its microchip.

If you think you have seen it, please, call and if you can, take a photo and we will do the rest.


Oscar: 0034 607 83 23 30

Macu: 0034 699 08 18 43

We need you to help spreading, sharing with friends and acquaintances passing this information via email or in any way through social media or by word of mouth. 

Reaching the biggest possible number of people, we will manage to help Aruck find his way back home.

ARUCK, Oscar Murguía' s dog - dog trainer: current European sub champion and 6 consecutive times Spanish champion -, got lost in mysterious circumstances on the last Sunday 16th of December 2018, when coming back from the seminar he  offered in L'Olleria (Valencia - Spain).


When the seminar came to an end, he helped his 6 dogs into their pick-up safety cages to target home in Murguía (Álava - The Basque Country) where only 5 of them arrived. Oscar stopped twice during the trip; the first stop took place in a Repsol petrol station in Bonete (Castilla la Mancha), and the next one in the small town of Villaviciosa de Odón (Madrid).


No alternative is discarded as there is no track whatsoever of Aruck, not even a single clue on the disheartening event. It seems extremely complicated that one of his dogs could have jumped off, as difficult as the option - possible though - that he might have been taken. Along these lines, place and motive of his disappearance are unknown data.


On this matter, from this platform we are asking for help and wide-spread sharing to be able to have any news about it, but mainly to get to his location and find Aruck . Thank you very much in advance!

Any single bit of help is more than welcome in this moment in time in which lack of knowledge and time cloud hope.

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¿Dónde está Aruck? Buscamos a Aruck para que vuelva a casa. Desaparecido el 16 de diciembre de 2018. #unidosxaruck